New live video online!


03-01-2018 happy new year !

official aftermovie now released

22-12-2017 We wish you a merry christmas !

01-10-2017 Artwork for album ‘An african tale’ RELAESED. Order the album HERE!

// TOUR october 2017 //

Promotional video for Rosan Brings Africa

Rosan Brings Africa performing live at the local Radiostation


With only 2 people we built up the ‘Rosan Brings Africa’-tour. From now on we’ll stand strong with a crew consisting of 9 people! With this team we’ll make the tour a big experience.

Let us introduce the RBA-CREW to you:


30-08-2017 NEW CONCERT confirmed!

Restaurant/theater Le Brocope in Oldeberkoop is added to the tour on sunday 29-10-2017. This is a special arrangement. Before we’ll play the concert Rosan and her African bandmembers will give a workshop about African music. It’s possible to have a diner at the restaurant of Le Brocope in the meantime before the concert starts!

04-08-2017 New Orleans brings good news!

New show added to the tour! Jazzcafe New Orleans (Groningen) confirmed to be part of the Rosan brings Africa NL Tour 2017. In New Orleans we’ll play in an intimate setting inroducing the tour. This means that we’ll start and complete the tour in Rosan’s hometown; Groningen!

Check the tour dates and come dance with us!

CHECK Rosan’s showDATEs here!